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Tom Hanks is not only a Hollywood star. He's also the actor who played in many classics, including the 1980s Splash and the 1990s Forrest Gump. Tom has even appeared in the animated Toy Story. He is an American cultural icon.

Tom has a career that spans almost 40 years. It shows in his mannerisms. Tom is always equipped with quiet confidence and a well-tailored suit. He also wears a classic watch.

Tom Hanks collection of watches:

mido replica Explorer IAlthough many watches are called classics, the original mido replica Explorer really lives up to the title.

The Explorer is a simple and well-built timepiece that was designed to be worn by adventurers and not destroyed by the harsh elements.mido replica The minimalist design, robust construction and stainless steel will still look good in decades to come. Hanks' distinctive style is a perfect match for this stylish and robust product.

mido replica is known for creating niche watches. The mido replica could be the most niche of all. It was designed with scientists in the mind, and has a magnetic resistance up to 1,000 Gauss.

The mido replica is a stylish and fun watch that can be worn every day.

Tom has a real affinity for classic designs. Tom is wearing a Bell & Ross BR Vintage 123 Dress Watch in stainless steel.

Omega Speedmaster

Tom first donned a Speedy in his role as NASA astronaut Jim Lovell in Apollo 13. The film chronicles technical problems of the third lunar landing,Omega Replica and how the Speedy saved the astronaut's life.

Tom wears the Speedmaster when he wants to, and that's not surprising. The Speedy is an essential in any man's collection. Its timeless design, unmatched performance (it was chosen by NASA, after all), and incredible history make it a must-have.